Easy Sheet

Bailey Easy Sheets are purpose made, rollover covers suitable for all Bailey trailers. Combining quality, strength and economy, they provide valuable protection for crops and materials in transit. Protect your crops from the damaging effects of wind, rain and vermin. Easy Sheet is tough, resilient and practical. Made from heavy gauge PVC with quality fittings, they promise a long life of crop shelter and protection.

Their side to side action provides full access to the load area. The built in operating mechanism with tie down ratchet straps is arranged to provide full door opening without unrolling the sheet. Stowed operating handle is mounted on the trailer side. Fitting service is available.

NB Root Specials have sheet stowed on offside; TB, TAG, Beeteapers have sheet stowed on nearside

Bailey roll over sheets are now produced in a high grade, hard wearing SILVER coloured material.