Blower Trailers

Bailey Trailers have repackaged their range of blower trailers for poultry and livestock houses. The Priden Engineering blowing unit ensures efficient distribution of grain, chicken feed etc.

A weatherproof ‘Easy Sheet’ rollover sheet protects the load from the elements and rodents while side inspection panels provide easy monitoring of load levels.

The blower conversion is available on Bailey’s TB range from 16 to 20 ton capacities.
Inlet and outlet silencers are fitted to all bulk animal feed blowers as are inlet filters and pressure relief and non-return valves.

All castings are of premium quality iron with rotors fabricated from mild steel. The valve is designed with outrigged self-aligning sealed bearings, and all internal surfaces are machined to close tolerances ensuring minimum air leakage is achieved. A full-flight centre-feeding auger is fitted within a close fitting trough with all flow plates and angles carefully arranged to ensure as clean a discharge as possible. The auger is directly driven by a low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor.

The system employs a PTO pump that supplies oil to drive the auger and rotary valve motors and a valve slide ram. It also feature easy-to-use controls, a twin spool selector valve with detent for rotary valve control and spring return to neutral for hydraulic slide positioning.

The system is specifically designed to allow independent variable speed selection. Both pressure and return lines are protected with pressure relief valves to ensure long trouble-free operation.

An automatic cut off valve is fitted to the rear door to protect the operator when the tailgate is opened. The air pressure gauge is mounted in the control panel at the rear of the vehicle, housed in a weather-proof control box.