Curtain Sider

New curtainsider design for fresh produce growers

Darby Nursery Stock of Methwold, Norfolk has gained efficiency and flexibility from their new curtain sided trailer.

Darbys operate two large sites at Methwold, both around 25 hectares and separated by 3 ½ miles of public highway. This necessitates regular movements of nursery stock from one site to the despatch operation on the other. The company was operating 3 small low loader trailers, each carrying 5 trolleys but as the scale of the company’s movements grew, they no longer provided an efficient solution.

Darbys recognised that a larger trailer with curtain sides would be the way forward. Consequently they contacted Bailey and agreed to a 7.60m by 2.4m flat trailer to accommodate up to 11 trolleys. It has a heavy duty RHS chassis, twin axles and tandem springs plus a commercial braking system. The flat trailer has been equipped with a hydraulic ramp/ tail lift for the easy handling of trolleys. A removable trolley barrier ensures safe handling.

The curtain sides offer two advantages over the low loaders: larger payload equals less total vehicle movements and therefore good environmental benefit while the large tail-lift for speedy loading and unloading improves cycle times.